“Four years ago, I was struggling with my Pure Physics in Sec 3. As it was my only pure subject, I could not forsake it and desperately had to find external help. Eventually after going through several tutors (which I preferred not to take lessons from due to various reasons such as location and teaching skills), I came across Mr Lau. The reason I liked Mr Lau’s lessons was because he used different ways to make Physics relevant – one of the key reasons why I began to understand and grasp the subject better and eventually score for it.

His self-made mindmaps were simple and extremely useful for revision. I always admired his passion for the subject and saw how his eyes would light up whenever we engaged in a physics concept that was relevant in real life (e.g when I got curious about the Higgs Boson concept). I rarely see teachers teaching with such passion these days. In my opinion, I feel that as long as you are interested in the subject, you’ll naturally do well for it and Mr Lau is that kind of person who would make you interested in the subject.

All in all, thanks Mr Lau for making me fall in love with the subject and I really recommend him as a tutor to others because he really excels in his field of work.”

– Wilson, Maris Stella High School & NYJC


“Mr Lau is a dedicated Physics teacher who makes his lessons very interesting.  He explains Physics concepts very clearly and in detail, and also creates comprehensive summaries to aid in the understanding.  My knowledge of Physics improved tremendously in a short time and I was able to appreciate more complex Physics concepts on a much deeper level with Mr Lau’s teachings.  He is also very patient and makes sure to address any doubts.  I highly recommend Mr Lau to students who want to do well in Physics.”

– MH Cheong , Commonwealth Secondary School


“What I value most about Mr Lau is his patience and charity towards me. I remember to have struggled so much for Physics and I would have to ask him to repeat himself to explain to me certain concepts again due to my weak grasp of the subject. Never once did Mr Lau get impatient. Instead, he tried his best to explain several concepts by using interesting examples with real life application and correlation to me.

I particularly want to thank him for also being able to empathise with me even as I faced certain struggles being a student and how he lent a listening ear and offered good advice to dealing with my struggles with school work.

Much credit goes to him as I obtained an A1 for my combined science and showed much improvement from failing physics to passing the subject with flying colours! I would really like to thank Mr Lau for the charity, patience and devotion he has exhibited to helping me improve both in my grades as well as my outlook on life.  :)”

– Esther Tay, St. Margaret’s Secondary School