About Me


Hi, I am Desmond.

I love Physics and have a passion for teaching Physics. I am always amazed at how our mind-boggling, complex universe can be described by rules and laws so simple and elegant.

On top of helping my students improve their grades, I enjoy helping my students understand and appreciate the wonders of our universe. Many of my students have went from Fail to Distinction and have developed a new love for physics.

A former MOE teacher, as well as a PSC-MOE teaching scholar, I hold a Degree in Physics from NUS and have more than 10 years of teaching experience.

My background: Having studied in Raffles Institution & National Junior College, I understand exactly what is required to succeed in a top flight environment. While coaching top students to achieve top grades, I find greater satisfaction helping weaker students reach their potential. Many of my students who lack confidence need a dose of patience and quality teaching to help them improve.

I specialise in teaching Physics – constantly developing the best teaching techniques, and customising teaching approaches to match the varied needs of my students so that they can improve and enjoy the learning of Physics.

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